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November 2023 

New! Fred the Red plush toys!
A limited few are available to buy from the online shop...

October 2023

Two new books have been released this month -
Fred Looks at Cow's Milk Protein Allergy
Fred Looks at Egg and Peanut Allergies

These are now available from the online shop!

New for May 2023!
Fred's creator has started her own blog about her writing and illustrating journey and any happenings on the way. If you'd like a read, please visit the 'Blog' section on the menu. We'd love to know what you think.


April 2023
Exciting news!! Fred decides that he needs a holiday and travels to an unusual destination, where he has another adventure. His new book is available to purchase now on the website!

Fred's spider friend finally has a name - Wilson.



Meet Fred the Red, a Yankee, who lives in Yankee World. Fred has many adventures...


Meet Mr. Coronavirus, he's out to cause trouble...

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